xdebug 3.0.0beta1

Provides functions for function traces and profiling

The Xdebug extension helps you debugging your script by providing a lot of
valuable debug information. The debug information that Xdebug can provide
includes the following:

* stack and function traces in error messages with:
o full parameter display for user defined functions
o function name, file name and line indications
o support for member functions
* memory allocation
* protection for infinite recursions

Xdebug also provides:

* profiling information for PHP scripts
* code coverage analysis
* capabilities to debug your scripts interactively with a debug client

License: BSD style


Wed, Oct 14, 2020 - xdebug 3.0.0beta1

This is a BETA release, and not ready for production environments.

Xdebug 3 has many changes. Please read the upgrade guide at

Xdebug 3 documentation is available at https://3.xdebug.org/docs


+ New features:

- Implemented issue #1762: Introduce feature modes
- Implemented issue #1793: Add xdebug.start_upon_error setting to cover the removed xdebug.remote_mode=jit feature.
- Implemented issue #1797: Implement generic logging
- Implemented issue #1801: Rename mode 'display' to mode 'develop'
- Implemented issue #1831: Add diagnostics function xdebug_info()
- Implemented issue #1833: Add links to documentation in diagnostic log
- Implemented issue #1837: Support for associative variadic variable names (PHP 8)
- Implemented issue #1841: Add support for PHP 8 'match' keyword

- Removed features:

- Implemented issue #1795: Deprecate PHP 7.1 support

- Implemented issue #1786: Remove idekey value fallback to USER/USERNAME environment variable
- Implemented issue #1809: Remove "overload_var_dump" setting
- Implemented issue #1810: Remove collect_vars and xdebug_get_declared_vars()
- Implemented issue #1812: Remove show_mem_delta setting
- Implemented issue #1838: Remove collect_params setting, and always default it to "4"
- Implemented issue #1847: Remove xdebug.remote_cookie_expire_time setting

= Changes:

- Implemented issue #1378: Unfortunate coupling of default_enable=1 and remote_mode=jit
- Implemented issue #1773: Replace all xdebug.*_output_dir settings with xdebug.output_dir
- Implemented issue #1785: Replace xdebug.remote_mode and xdebug.auto_trace with generic "start-with-request" setting
- Implemented issue #1791: Replace xdebug.*trigger*, xdebug.*trigger_value*, with xdebug.start_with_request=trigger and xdebug.trigger_value
- Implemented issue #1792: Change start_with_request=always/never to start_with_request=yes/no
- Implemented issue #1794: Replace the filter's blacklist/whitelist with exclude/include
- Implemented issue #1811: Remove xdebug.collect_includes setting and always include them
- Implemented issue #1844: Add deprecation warning for removed and renamed configuration setting names
- Implemented issue #1845: Rename xdebug.remote_{host,port} to xdebug.client_{host,port}
- Implemented issue #1846: Rename setting xdebug.remote_timeout to xdebug.connect_timeout_ms
- Implemented issue #1848: Change default Xdebug port from 9000 to 9003
- Implemented issue #1850: Change array variable output in tracing to use modern [] syntax
- Implemented issue #1856: Rename xdebug.remote_connect_back to xdebug.discover_client_host
- Implemented issue #1857: Rename xdebug.remote_addr_header to xdebug.client_discovery_header

+ Improvements:

- Implemented issue #1016: Support for pause-execution (Robert Lu)
- Implemented issue #1680: Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays
- Implemented issue #1712: Add unit to profiler data types
- Implemented issue #1743: Figuring out whether a call is a closure uses string comparisions instead of checking the ACC flag (Benjamin Eberlei)
- Implemented issue #1752: Use a stack pool to manage stack entries instead of allocating and deallocating entries
- Implemented issue #1755: Overload pcntl_fork() to prevent performance degradation by calling xdebug_get_pid often (Carlos Granados)
- Implemented issue #1781: Include 'Xdebug' in max nesting level error message
- Implemented issue #1783: Stacktrace needs vertical scrolling on small screens (Tobias Tom)
- Implemented issue #1789: Provide PHP stubs for Xdebug's functions
- Implemented issue #1807: Document Xdebug installation with yum and apt
- Implemented issue #1813: Make sure that the xdebug_init_*_globals don't do more than they need to, and that init is only done when xdebug.mode != off
- Implemented issue #1817: Switch filename storage from char*/size_t to zend_string*
- Implemented issue #1818: Switch variable storage from char*/size_t to zend_string*
- Implemented issue #1820: Increase time tracing precision (Michael Voříšek)
- Implemented issue #1824: Allow Xdebug's mode to be set through an environment variable
- Implemented issue #1825: Improve profiler performance by not calling fflush after every function (Michael Voříšek)
- Implemented issue #1826: Reduce profiler memory allocation and call overhead
- Implemented issue #1829: Switch to 10ns profiler resolution (Michael Voříšek)
- Implemented issue #1832: If connect back host can not be contacted, fallback to remote_host/port
- Implemented issue #1858: Only open/close log if there is an actual message to log
- Implemented issue #1860: Allow xdebug.cloud_id to be set through an environment variable

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #1756: Php process won't exit after running connected to a client
- Fixed issue #1823: Profiler generates negative data for memory usage
- Fixed issue #1834: Return type must be bool in overloaded set_time_limit