Xdebug is a debugging and productivity extension for PHP

Xdebug and provides a range of features to improve the PHP development

Step Debugging
A way to step through your code in your IDE or editor while the script is

Improvements to PHP's error reporting
An improved var_dump() function, stack traces for Notices, Warnings, Errors
and Exceptions to highlight the code path to the error

Writes every function call, with arguments and invocation location to disk.
Optionally also includes every variable assignment and return value for
each function.

Allows you, with the help of visualisation tools, to analyse the
performance of your PHP application and find bottlenecks.

Code Coverage Analysis
To show which parts of your code base are executed when running unit tests
with PHP Unit.

License: BSD style

Latest releases

Version Release Download
3.1.5 2022-06-06 xdebug-3.1.5.tgz
3.1.4 2022-04-04 xdebug-3.1.4.tgz
3.1.3 2022-02-01 xdebug-3.1.3.tgz
3.1.2 2021-12-01 xdebug-3.1.2.tgz
3.1.1 2021-10-15 xdebug-3.1.1.tgz
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Version Message
3.1.5 Mon, Jun 06, 2022 - Xdebug 3.1.5

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #2056: Install documentation gives wrong arch for installation on M1 Macs
- Fixed issue #2082: phpize --clean removes required clocks.m4 file
- Fixed issue #2083: Constant defined with an enum case produce double "facet" attribute in context_get response
- Fixed issue #2085: Crash when used with source guardian encoded files
- Fixed issue #2090: Segfault in __callStatic() after FFI initialization
3.1.4 Mon, Apr 04, 2022 - Xdebug 3.1.4

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #2006: Removing second call breakpoint with same function name
- Fixed issue #2060: XDebug breaks the Symfony "PhpFilesAdapter" cache adapter
- Fixed issue #2061: Possible use after free with GC Stats
- Fixed issue #2063: Can't inspect ArrayObject storage elements
- Fixed issue #2064: Segmentation fault in symfony cache
- Fixed issue #2068: Debug session can be started with "XDEBUG_SESSION_START=anything" when xdebug.trigger_value is set
- Fixed issue #2069: Warn when profiler_append is used together with zlib compression
- Fixed issue #2075: Code coverage misses static array assignment lines
3.1.3 Tue, Feb 01, 2022 - Xdebug 3.1.3

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #2049: evaling broken code (still) causes unhandled exception in PHP 7.4
- Fixed issue #2052: Memory leak when a trace file can't be opened because xdebug.trace_output_name is invalid
- Fixed issue #2054: Slowdown when calling a function with long string parameters
- Fixed issue #2055: Debugger creates XML with double facet attribute
3.1.2 Wed, Dec 01, 2021 - Xdebug 3.1.2

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #2036: Segfault on fiber switch in finally block in garbage collected fiber
- Fixed issue #2037: Crash when profile file can not be created
- Fixed issue #2041: __debugInfo is not used for var_dump output
- Fixed issue #2046: Segault on xdebug_get_function_stack inside a Fiber
3.1.1 Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - Xdebug 3.1.1

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #2016: apache gives no output with xdebug 3.1.0b2 installed
- Fixed issue #2024: Apache restarts in a loop under PHP 8.1.0 RC3
- Fixed issue #2029: incorrect and inaccurate date and time displayed in xdebug.log and trace files
- Fixed issue #2030: PhpStorm step-debug not working on PHP 8.0.11
- Fixed issue #2032: Use runtime PHP version in DBGp and info pages instead of compiled-against version
- Fixed issue #2034: Xdebug throws a Segmentation fault when 'set_time_limit' function is disabled
- Fixed issue #2035: Xdebug block everything with localhost in XAMMP
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