xdebug 2.9.8

Provides functions for function traces and profiling

The Xdebug extension helps you debugging your script by providing a lot of
valuable debug information. The debug information that Xdebug can provide
includes the following:

* stack and function traces in error messages with:
o full parameter display for user defined functions
o function name, file name and line indications
o support for member functions
* memory allocation
* protection for infinite recursions

Xdebug also provides:

* profiling information for PHP scripts
* code coverage analysis
* capabilities to debug your scripts interactively with a debug client

License: BSD style


Mon, Sep 28, 2020 - xdebug 2.9.8

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #1851: Paths are not counted as coveraged with loops calling function
- Fixed issue #1855: Build issues on FreeBSD