phalcon 5.0.0RC1

Phalcon is a full stack PHP framework offering low resource consumption and high performance.

Phalcon is an open source full stack framework for PHP, written as a C-extension. Phalcon is optimized for high
performance. Its unique architecture allows the framework to always be memory resident, offering its functionality
whenever its needed, without expensive file stats and file reads that traditional PHP frameworks employ.

License: BSD 3-Clause License


Full changelog can be found at:

## Changed
- Changed `Phalcon\Session\Bag::__construct()` to accept a `Phalcon\Session\Manager` as the first parameter and `name` as the second one [#15904](
- Changed `Phalcon\Logger\Logger` to no longer depend on PSR interfaces [#15925](
- Changed `Phalcon\Cache\Cache` to no longer depend on PSR interfaces [#15927](
- Changed `Phalcon\Html\Link` to no longer depend on PSR interfaces [#15930](

## Fixed
- Fixed `Phalcon\Html\Helper\Input\Numeric` to produce correct elements [#15896](
- Fixed `Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\*` to correctly store `null` values [#15904](

## Added
- Added `Phalcon\Encryption\Crypt::isValidDecryptLength($input)` to allow checking for the length of the decryption string [#15879](
- Added `Phalcon\Di\InitializationAwareInterface` to allow auto calling the `initialize` method when accessing service through DIC [#15916](
- Added
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedIgbinary`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedJson`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\MemcachedPhp`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisIgbinary`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisJson`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisMsgpack`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisNone`
- `Phalcon\Storage\Serializer\RedisPhp` to be used if adapter serialization is required [#15904](
- Added
- `Phalcon\Logger\LoggerInterface`
- `Phalcon\Logger\AbstractLogger` to be used in the logger class but also the proxy-psr3 repo [#15925](
- Added
- `Phalcon\Cache\CacheInterface`
- `Phalcon\Cache\AbstractCache` to be used in the cache class but also the proxy-psr16 repo [#15927](
- Added
- EvolvableLinkInterface.zep
- `Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\EvolvableLinkProviderInterface`
- `Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\LinkInterface`
- `Phalcon\Html\Link\Interfaces\LinkProviderInterface`
- `Phalcon\Html\Link\AbstractLink`
- `Phalcon\Html\Link\AbstractLinkProvider` to be used in the link class but also the proxy-psr13 repo [#15930](
- Added `Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Csv::toArray()` and `Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\NativeArray::toArray()` to return the translation array back [#15902](
## Removed
- Removed `Phalcon\Container\Container` and moved its contents to the `proxy-psr11` repo [#15928](
- Removed `Phalcon\Http\Message\*` and `Phalcon\Http\Server\*` classes. This removes PSR from Phalcon. PSR-7 available in v6 [#15929](