PDO_IBM: Changelog

Version Message
1.6.1 This fixes a packaging issue that prevented the PECL command from being able to install the package. Manual installations weren't affected.
1.6.0 - Support for PHP 8.3
- Support for boolean data type (IBM i 7.5, Db2/LUW 9.6)
- Fix incorrect buffer size for SQLBindParameter (causing -902 otherwise)
- Fix error handling for IBM i attributes
- Improve error reporting when SQLGetDiagRec fails
- Build system improvements for finding driver library
- CI and test suite improvements
1.5.0 * 2022-03-21: 1.5.0
- PHP 8.1 support
- On IBM i, support INI option for CCSID override
- On IBM i, support INI option for pessimistic DBCS alloc
- Resolve crash with LOBs
- Fix build issues with MSVC
- Fix detecting CLI driver on 64-bit Windows
- Use modern PDO includes check (resolves compatibility with i.e. Ubuntu, MacPorts)
- Fix tests for PHP 8.1 and modern Db2 LUW
- Clean up IBM i command helpers
- Fix improper return types and declarations
1.4.2 * 2021-09-30: 1.4.2
- Enable liveness checks on all platforms
- Fix build issue with ulong on some platforms (did not affect Linux/IBM i)
- Remove spurious warnings from closing the environment handle on IBM i
- Enable processing driver options before connection (fixes naming mode issues on IBM i)
- Getter for current naming mode on IBM i
1.4.1 * 2020-12-22: 1.4.1
- Fix memory leaks
- Remove PHP compatibility stubs and ifdefs
- Fix compile warnings
- Fix tests with PHP 8 exceptions
1.4.0 * 2020-12-01: 1.4.0
- Compatibility with PHP 8
- Merge Tony Cairns' fork with IBM i compatibility fixes
- Fix compatibility with 64-bit PASE/modern IBM i (sqlcli-dev package, pointer/integer width mismatch, XMLSERVICE location, etc)
- Major improvements to test suite (fix broken tests, less hardcoding)
- Handle CCSID 65535 on IBM i
- Fix warnings
1.3.6 Fix the compilation issue on windows.
1.3.5 Added fix for defect 72121 and multibyte fix which was delivered by IBM for defect 64008 in PDO_INFORMIX in 1.3.3
1.3.4 Fixed: Added PHP 7 support.
1.3.3 Fixed: Segmentation fault on getColumnMeta
Fixed: PDO_IBM driver needs to return SQL error codes
Fixed: should throw a PDOException if someone tries to use DDL and placeholders
Fixed: Nested queries returns corrupted rows or segmentation fault
Fixed: Compilation error with php-5.4.x
1.3.2 Adding support for Client Info (IDS Feature).
Adding support for ISAM Error code (IDS Feature).
1.3.1 Problem related to dynamic loading is fixed.