parle: Changelog

Version Message
0.8.2 - Fixed PHP 8 compatibility (Remi Collet)
- Fixed PHP 7.4+ compatibility (Remi Collet)
0.8.1 - fix package
0.8.0 - Synced bundled lexertl14 and parsertl14 with upstream
- Fixed github issue #12 (Build with GCC 8 is broken)
- Fixed github issue #14 (Misspelled constant name)
0.7.3 - Fix broken package
0.7.2 - Implemented token callbacks
- Implemented unicode character class support, available with --enable-parle-utf32
0.7.1 - Lexer::restart() is renamed to Lexer::reset, same with RLexer
- Added reset() method to parser classes
- Improved property handling
0.7.0 - Introduced RParser class
- RLexer doesn't inherit from Lexer anymore, Lexer and Parser, as well RLexer and RParser have to be used pairwise
- General bugfixes
0.6.5 - Improved var_dump() output for Parle\Stack
- Parser::trace() will return NULL if called in inappropriate context
- Fixed Lexer functionality while used in Parser
- Lexers always use DOT_NOT_LF | DOT_NOT_CRLF flags by default
- General bugfixes
0.6.4 - Improve Parser::reduceId property handling
- Fixed index range check in Parser::sigil()
- Fixed Stack::top handling for empty stack
- Improved Parser::errorInfo()
- Fixed properties access in all classes exporting properties
0.6.3 - Turned Stack method top into property
- Internal refactoring
0.6.2 - Fixed reflection properties allocation (Remi Collet)
- Removed offset from the Token class
- Introduced Lexer properties for marker and cursor positions
- Max token id is set to UINT16_MAX to save memory. This might be changed in the future
0.6.1 - Removed FLAG_REGEX_* prefix from the lexer flag constants
- Removed non worky rexeg from range signature for pushMacro method
0.6.0 - Fix consistency of return type in 7.0/7.1/7.2 (Remi Collet)
- Fix memory leak in Parle\Stack
- Max parser id is set to UINT16_MAX to save memory. This might be changed in the future
- Push signatures accepting string range for regex was removed as ZPP would deliver copies anyway
- Turned Lexer methods bol, flags and state into properties
- Turned Parser methods action and reduceId into properties
- Turned Stack methods empty and size into properties
0.5.3 - PHP 7.2 compilation failure (Remi Collet)
0.5.2 - Package fixes by Remi Collet
- Introduced Token class
- Lexer methods skip(), eoi() and npos() are transformed into constants and are available in the Token class as SKIP, EOI and UNKNOWN constants
- Introduced ErrorInfo class
0.5.1 - initial release