Parsing and lexing

With Parle, it is possible to implement lexing and parsing in PHP while relying on features and principles of the parser/lexer generator tools for C/C++.

License: BSD 2-clause

Latest releases

Version Release Download
0.8.5 2023-07-01 parle-0.8.5.tgz
0.8.4 2023-05-13 parle-0.8.4.tgz
0.8.3 2022-04-14 parle-0.8.3.tgz
0.8.2 2021-01-17 parle-0.8.2.tgz
0.8.1 2018-03-04 parle-0.8.1.tgz
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Version Message
0.8.5 - Implement Parser::readBison() (Ben Hanson)
- Parser::dump() and Lexer::dump() are supported in UTF-32 mode (Ben Hanson)
- Parser::dump() and Lexer::dump() use PHP streams (Ben Hanson)
- Update the bundled parsertl/lexertl libraries (Ben Hanson)
- Fix Windows build (Ben Hanson)
0.8.4 - Update the bundled parsertl/lexertl libraries (Ben Hanson)
- If the grammar ambiquity is detected, parser will now throw an exception
- Configure option --enable-parle-utf32 can be passed during pecl install (Michele Locati)
- Implemented Parser::sigilCount() (Ben Hanson)
- Implement Parser::sigilName() (Ben Hanson)
0.8.3 - Fixed PHP 8.1 compatibility (Remi Collet)
0.8.2 - Fixed PHP 8 compatibility (Remi Collet)
- Fixed PHP 7.4+ compatibility (Remi Collet)
0.8.1 - fix package
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