igbinary: Changelog

Version Message
3.2.6 * Fix igbinary extension version found in reflection.
3.2.5 * Fix change in behavior introduced in 3.2.2RC1 when unserializing arrays - the internal array pointer (for `next()`, `key()`, etc) pointed past the end of the array in php 7.0-7.2.
3.2.4 * Forbid serializing classes that deny serialization/unserialization (anonymous classes, CURLFile, etc.) even when subclasses implement '__serialize' and '__unserialize'
3.2.3 * Fix build for php 8.1 after changes to enum internals.
* Update tests to suppress deprecations in php 8.1 and support run-tests.php changes in php 8.1
* Don't emit a notice when unserialize_callback_func causes igbinary_unserialize to throw https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=81118
3.2.2 * Eliminate impossible/redundant checks.
* Add a new type code for serialization and unserialization of PHP strings that are larger than 4GB.
* Add additional checks for overflow when serializing extremely large data structures.
(e.g. serializing more than 2**32 strings or 2**32 objects/references/arrays)
* Support serializing and unserializing php 8.1 enums (can only be unserialized in php 8.1+)
3.2.2RC1 * Update php version check to allow igbinary to be statically built in PHP 8.0+
* Fix bug in out of memory error handling in __sleep, slightly speed up serializing with __sleep.
* Continue serializing remaining properties if a missing property name is returned from __sleep.
* Speed up serializing by optimizing for the case where there is no memory manager override.
When there is a memory manager override, only use that for allocating the string to return.
(benchmarks/serialize-scalar-int.b.php showed a speedup from 0.22 to 0.18 seconds for repeated serialization of a single scalar,
and from 0.186 to 0.180 seconds for benchmarks/serialize-stringarray.b.php for an array of strings)
* Speed up unserializing arrays in php 7.2-8.0 by adding optimized code for finding the hash bucket of
a string/integer key of an array, or creating a placeholder if it does not already exist.
3.2.1 * Fix crash when unserializing if __serialize was defined but __unserialize was undefined in php 8.0+ (due to typo).
3.2.0 * Use PHP's shared empty array instance when unserializing empty arrays in php 7.3+.
(helps slightly with memory usage when repeatedly unserializing,
when removing elements from arrays before unserializing them,
or when serializing values including an empty array that was unserialized)
* Emit a deprecation notice when serializing resources.
PHP itself is converting many resources to objects that throw an Error on serialization attempts.
Continue to represent resources as null in the serialized data.
* Fix memory management bug when unserializing invalid data (duplicate properties in objects (e.g. from `__sleep`) or duplicate fields in arrays (impossible for valid data)).
* Speed up calls to `__serialize`/`__unserialize` in php 8.0+.
* Fix error messages for unserialize_callback_func: make messages properly refer to the autoload function.
* Optimize unserializing alternative names for private/protected constants that were previously public.
3.1.6 * Fix build failure with older C standard (e.g. building on CentOS 6).
* Otherwise, identical to 3.1.6RC1.
3.1.6RC1 * Fix igbinary_serialize incorrectly deduplicating arrays/objects/references when they were garbage collected/freed during serialization.
3.1.5 * Update unit test expectation to match behavior in php 8 due to changes in php's handling of cyclic references in arrays.
* Support API changes in php 8.0.0beta3.
3.1.4 * Fix unserialization of PHP references to internal/user-defined classes using PHP 7.4's `__unserialize` (e.g. `ArrayObject`)
3.1.3 * Properly serialize reference groups of size 1 (these can be created by array_walk_recursive and other functions).
Note that this does not fix the general case where values not being serialized are in the same reference group as a value being serialized.
* PHP 8.0 compatibility fixes.
3.1.2 * Speed up object, array, reference, and string serialization.
* Speed up unserializing integers between 0 and 65535 (as values and array keys).
* Speed up unserializing objects with declared properties.
3.1.1 * Fix bug causing incorrect serialization for 1 in 2**32 strings on 64-bit php installations when string hashes collide.
3.1.1a1 * Throw when an uninitialized php 7.4 typed property is included in the result of __sleep(),
instead of emitting a notice and attempting to represent the unset/uninitialized value as null (#258).
See https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=79002

Uninitialized properties without types from __sleep continue to emit notices and be represented as null.
3.1.0 * Same as 3.1.0b4
3.1.0b4 * Don't call __destruct for objects where deferred __unserialize calls were not started (e.g. due to Serializable::unserialize throwing).
3.1.0b3 * Skip over object properties that are uninitialized or unset when serializing, instead of serializing them as null.
This is done to avoid Errors when unserializing their values for php 7.4 typed properties.
3.1.0b2 * Fix crashes related to unserializing instances of classes with php 7.4 typed properties.
3.1.0b1 * Support php 7.4's __serialize/__unserialize the same way serialize()/unserialize() does.
This deliberately only supports __serialize/__unserialize in php 7.4, to making switching to/from serialize()/unserialize() as straightforward as possible.
3.0.1 * Fix version check when statically building igbinary inside of the php-src folder.
3.0.0 * Identical to 3.0.0a2
3.0.0a2 * Don't use empty string for serializing empty $_SESSION array, it breaks some save handlers. (Issue #231)
Continue treating the empty string as the empty $_SESSION array when unserializing.
3.0.0a1 * Drop support for PHP 5.
* Drop support for APC (APC was only available for PHP5 - It is the predecessor of APCu)
* Emit a warning and return null if igbinary_unserialize() is passed more data to unserialize than expected.
* Fix compilation against PHP 7.4-dev. Igbinary does NOT yet properly serialize/unserialize all classes with PHP 7.4-dev's typed properties.
* The serialization format is exactly the same as igbinary 2.x
2.0.8 * Be more aggressive about deduplication when generating serialization of arrays in php 7.0+.
* Define HAVE_IGBINARY on Unix/Linux. (previously defined only on Windows)
* Update formatting/wording of documentation.
2.0.7 * Fix compiler warnings about format strings, for errors that should not occur during normal igbinary usage.
2.0.6 * Same as 2.0.6RC1
* Fix a bug in Windows debug builds.
* Emit more specific warnings when __sleep() returns a declared property that was unset.
* Fix harmless compiler warnings during builds.
* Fix a build error on PHP7.3-dev.
2.0.6RC1 * Fix a bug in Windows debug builds.
* Emit more specific warnings when __sleep() returns a declared property that was unset.
* Fix harmless compiler warnings during builds.
* Fix a build error on PHP7.3-dev.
2.0.5 * Same as 2.0.5RC1 (no bugs were reported in that release candidate)
2.0.5RC1 * Fixes bug #129: Should not call __wakeup() on data which was created by Serializable::unserialize()
2.0.4 * Fixes bug #129: Should not call __wakeup() on data which was created by Serializable::unserialize()
2.0.3 - Fixes bug #126: Fatal error: "igbinary_serialize_zval: zval has unknown type 0" (IS_UNDEF)
Make this a warning instead of a fatal error (and serialize as null instead), since IS_UNDEF is a known type.
Later releases will fix the root cause of the warning, and consistently omit array/object/other entries for IS_UNDEF.
2.0.2 - Compatible with PHP 5.2 - 7.1
- Fixes crash in Memcached->setMulti (in php 7.0+) when the first level of array elements have references as values.
Other extensions using igbinary shouldn't be affected.
2.0.1 - Compatible with PHP 5.2 - 7.0
- Fixes bug in session decoder not calling __wakeup() in php 7.0+
- (Enhancement) Reuses identical strings when unserializing objects and arrays in php 7.0+
2.0.0 - Compatible with PHP 5.2 - 7.0
1.2.1 - Compatible with PHP 5.2 - 5.6
1.2.0 - PECL bug #22614, igbinary_unserialize(FALSE) must return FALSE
- PHP bug #54662, unserializing nested objects cause crash
- Other fixes
1.1.1 - Initial PECL release