igbinary extension

Igbinary is a drop in replacement for the standard php serializer. Instead of
the time and space consuming textual representation used by PHP's serialize(), igbinary stores php data
structures in a compact binary form. Savings are significant when using
memcached or similar memory based storages for serialized data.

License: BSD-3-Clause

Latest releases

Version Release Download
3.2.6 2021-08-11 igbinary-3.2.6.tgz
3.2.5 2021-08-07 igbinary-3.2.5.tgz
3.2.4 2021-07-24 igbinary-3.2.4.tgz
3.2.3 2021-06-10 igbinary-3.2.3.tgz
3.2.2 2021-04-18 igbinary-3.2.2.tgz
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Version Message
3.2.6 * Fix igbinary extension version found in reflection.
3.2.5 * Fix change in behavior introduced in 3.2.2RC1 when unserializing arrays - the internal array pointer (for `next()`, `key()`, etc) pointed past the end of the array in php 7.0-7.2.
3.2.4 * Forbid serializing classes that deny serialization/unserialization (anonymous classes, CURLFile, etc.) even when subclasses implement '__serialize' and '__unserialize'
3.2.3 * Fix build for php 8.1 after changes to enum internals.
* Update tests to suppress deprecations in php 8.1 and support run-tests.php changes in php 8.1
* Don't emit a notice when unserialize_callback_func causes igbinary_unserialize to throw https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=81118
3.2.2 * Eliminate impossible/redundant checks.
* Add a new type code for serialization and unserialization of PHP strings that are larger than 4GB.
* Add additional checks for overflow when serializing extremely large data structures.
(e.g. serializing more than 2**32 strings or 2**32 objects/references/arrays)
* Support serializing and unserializing php 8.1 enums (can only be unserialized in php 8.1+)
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