ibm_db2 2.1.6

Extension for IBM Db2 (LUW/i/z) and other compatible databases

ibm_db2 provides access to DB2 and compatible databases on PHP.
It uses a procedural interface. (PDO users should use PDO_IBM instead.)

The following software is supported without any additional licenses:
- IBM Db2 (Linux/Unix/Windows)
- IBM Db2 for i (running on IBM i)
- Apache Derby

The following software may require additional licenses on the database:
- IBM Db2 Connect for i (for using Db2 for i from LUW)
- IBM Db2 Connect for z (for using Db2 for z from LUW)

Note that for IBM i, IBM and Seiden Group recommend new applications use ODBC instead.

License: Apache License 2.0


* 2022-08-24: 2.1.6
- Allows fetching the current naming mode with db2_get_option on IBM i.
- Uses the password (obfuscated in memory) as part of the persistent resource hash key. This means the password must be the same to reuse a persistent connection.
- Fixes build issues with 64-bit Windows.
- Fixes crashes with level 4 i5_check_pconnect.
- Cleans up CI for modern IBM i and PHP 8.1.