ibm_db2: Changelog

Version Message
2.1.2 * 2020-12-22: 2.1.2
- Fix memory leaks
- Remove PHP 5 compatibility stubs and ifdefs
- Fix compile warnings
- Use PHP 8 arginfo generator, with generated fallbacks for PHP 7
2.1.1 * 2020-12-02: 2.1.1
- Fix build regression on LUW with db2_execute_many
2.1.0 * 2020-11-30: 2.1.0
- Compatibility with PHP 8
- Fix compatibility with 64-bit PASE/modern IBM i (sqlcli-dev package, pointer/integer width mismatch, XMLSERVICE location, etc)
- Backport character trim from Zend Server
- Major improvements to test suite (fix broken tests, less hardcoding)
- Handle CCSID 65535 on IBM i
- Fix warnings (returning void from non-void, etc)
2.0.8 Fixed Crash in windows with PHP 7
2.0.7 Added PHP 7.3 Support.
2.0.6 Fixed crash while in windows.
2.0.5 Fixed config.m4 file which messed up in last release.
2.0.4 Added support for PHP 7.2
2.0.3 Added support for PHP 7.2
2.0.2 Fixed memory leak stored procedure i/o param both IBM i and LUW.
Customer request abandon 'executing' persistent connection for IBM i
2.0.1 Fixed : signal 11 in db2_pconnect
Fixed : Security flaw with using user and password for hashing in db2_pconnect.
Fxied : Local scope bound values in a class are not used
Fixed : Compilation issue of PHP-5.6 in windows.
2.0.0 Fixed : signal 11 in db2_pconnect
Fixed : Security flaw with using user and password for hashing in db2_pconnect.
Fxied : Local scope bound values in a class are not used
1.9.9 Enhanced: Added PHP 7 support and fixed linking error.
1.9.8 Enhanced: Added PHP 7 support.
1.9.7 Enhanced: Code refactoring to enhance maintainability of code
Removed: IBM i V5R4 is no longer supported
Removed: unsupported test cases of V5 removed
1.9.6 Fixed: Fetching of mixed character data when the application code page different from database code page
Fixed: db2-bind-param with INOUT LOB parameters
Enhanced: Enable iSeries system naming mode from LUW to iSeries
Enhanced: Clear global error state at end of request
1.9.5 Fixed: Segfault due to INTERNED strings in PHP-5.4.x
Enhanced: execute_many API to accept NULL mixed with other values.
1.9.4 Fixed: DB2 PHP driver does not work as expected with values in BIGINT column
Added: test case test_bigint.phpt for BIGINT datatype
Fixed: Persistent connections takes up to 1 hour to reconnect on db2 TSA HA failover
FIxed: Fixed: Allow trial license to connect ZOS/i5
Added a environment variable IBM_DB_HOME to make the installation process easy and config script will automatically detect the architecure for which PHP is built and accordingly use the libraries under lib32/lib64.
1.9.3 Fixed: Garbage value for VARCHAR type OUT variable of stored-procedure
Fixed: Compilation error with php-5.4.x
i5/OS: Remove compile errors during IBM i compiles due to chaining support
1.9.2 Added execute_many() API to execute batch.
Fixed: Connection hanging issue.
Fixed: Defect #20281 (Improve error reporting)
1.9.1 Fix for db2_statistics (Failing with pconnect).
1.9.0 Fix for BIGINT fix for i5.
Fix for autocommit issue (CLI setting is now handled).
Fix for db2_pconnect connection reset issue.
Fix for connection rollback in db2_pconnect at the end of request.
1.8.4 Adding support for query time out.
Fixing problem with DATE/TIME datatype.
i5/OS Add new attribute DB2_I5_JOB_SORT_ON/OFF (php.ini ibm_db2.i5_job_sort).
i5/OS Fix BIGINT string type to help with larger values.
i5/OS Fix "early" terminate fetch loops due to CLOB/BLOB zero length.
i5/OS Fix db2_pclose() to allow reset persistent connections.
1.8.3 Fixed 14347: ibm_db2 1.6.6 fails to compile (still a problem w/ 1.8.2).
Fixed 16257: db2_execute() Segfault on an empty string as a bind parameter.
Fixed: GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC Data type error.
1.1.2 Fix win32 build problem.