ev: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.6RC1 Suppressed warnings for UnwindExit and GracefulExit in PHP 8. Thanks to Aaron Piotrowski.
1.1.5 Fixed #44: segmentation fault when the watcher is destroyed in its callback and an exception is thrown.
Issue #40: Fixed PHP 8 Windows build: the list of source files in config.w32 was incorrect for PHP 8.
1.1.4 Fixed tests with PHP versions 8.1.0beta (both NTS and ZTS) and 5 ZTS. Thanks to Remi Collet.
1.1.3 Fixed #43: watcher was not stopped on an uncaught exception in the callback.
1.1.2 Fixed Windows build configuration for PHP 8
1.1.1 - Fixed #39: tests/bug33.phpt is slow on s390x
- Fixed tests/10_signal.phpt which failed on mips64 Alpinelinux due to a different value of SIGUSR1
1.1.1r1 Stable version release
1.1.0 Upgraded to PHP8
1.0.9 - Fixed GC issues revealed with PHP 7.4.1
- Fixed: tests/10_signal.phpt failed with debug build of PHP
- Made sockets dependency optional in the Windows build configuration.
1.0.8 - Fixed build warnings with PHP 7.4.0-alpha1: 'incompatible pointer type' warnings occurred in assignments to the write property handlers (thanks to Remi Collet).
- Re-fixed the Windows build errors related to errno in a way that the libev sources are left pristine. (The root of the issue is actually rooted in the PHP code where the errno macro is re-defined.)
1.0.7 - Updated libev
- Fixed Windows build by applying a patch suggested by Christoph M. Becker.
1.0.6 Fixed #35: Segmentation Fault / Assertion Failure with PHP 7.3
Fixed build warnings
1.0.4 Fix: memory leak in PHP 7.0.13
1.0.3 Fix: issue #29 where object properties were wrapped in double quotes
1.0.2 Fix: issue #28 where generator test failed with PHP 5.4
1.0.1 Fix: issue #27 where callbacks with < 2 arguments were rejected
1.0.0 Fix: issue #24
1.0.0RC9 Windows package fix
1.0.0RC8 Another Windows fix
1.0.0RC7 Fixed PECL package
1.0.0RC6 Fixed Windows build
1.0.0RC5 Added Windows support
1.0.0RC4 Fix in PHP7: memory leak due to incorrect default loop destruction.
Change: removed pthreads dependency(pthread_atfork setup for the ev_loop_fork(EV_DEFAULT) call)
1.0.0RC3 Fix: issue #18
1.0.0RC2 Fix: EvChild::set() parameter parsing (thanks to Remi)
Fix: issue #16 where get_properties handler failed with segmentation fault
Fix: issue #17 where EgSignal::$signum property always returned NULL
Fix: EvStat::$path property always returned NULL
1.0.0RC1 Added PHP7 support
0.2.15 Issue #12: marked as CLI-only extension (the changes are actually missing in 0.2.14)
0.2.14 Issue #12: marked as CLI-only extension
0.2.13 Issue #11: pecl install ev command fails with non-standard PHP installation prefix.
0.2.12 Fixed #10: Segfault in test suite for ZTS (thanks to Remi Collet)
0.2.11 Fixed #7: static building was not supported(Tim)
Fixed #9: factory methods messed up the instance zval properties thus causing fatal errors in PHP 5.6
Fixed: EvWatcher::keepalive method didn't regard the default value of the 1st argument.
Pulled latest fixes from libev's upstream
0.2.10 Fix: segmentation fault after watcher restart(Frank Mayer)
Fix: missing get_gc property handler
Fix: operators applied to uninitialized EvWatcher::data property caused unexpected results
0.2.9 Fix: memory leaks in objects derived from EvWatcher
Refact: some frequent checks optimized
0.2.8 Fix: segmentation fault in EvLoop/EvWatcher dtors caused by reference variables stored in 'data' property
Fix: EvLoop/EvWatcher object dtors sometimes didn't free the 'data' member until the script shutdown phase
Fix: get_properties property handler was not implemented for PHP >= 5.4.0
0.2.7 Fix: because of a typo in ev.c dump stuff didn't work in PHP<5.5.0
Change: removed "Returning previously created default loop" warning
0.2.6 Merged in 5lava/pecl-ev (pull request #1) @ Bitbucket
Fix: made php 5.5.0-compatible
Upgraded libev to version 4.15
0.2.5 Fix: bug #64788 where var_dump() of EvIo watcher caused disfunction of whole event loop
Fix: build error due to return (void) from function returning int on Mac OS X
0.2.4 Fix: build error in Mac OS X: inline php_ev_set_watcher_priority function had been exported as a library symbol
0.2.3 Fixed build errors where sockets extension required, made optional(thanks to auroraeos on #php.pecl@efnet IRC).
Fixed build errors for non-threaded configuration.
Streams' casting fixed and improved.
0.2.2 Fix: bug #3 where ev_loop_fork invoked with EV_DEFAULT_UC(thanks to John Chen)
Refact: callbacks' no_separation = 1(was 0)
Fix: typo in package.xml
Fix: markdown syntax
0.2.1 Fix: get_property_ptr_ptr for zval properties was not supoprted. See
Fix: check for attempts to bind a signal to different event loops
0.2.0 Change: moved ev_* functions to Ev singleton(due to some issues with reflection)
Change: renamed EvLoop::break to EvLoop::stop, and ev_break to Ev::stop
Change: moved all constants to Ev class
Fix: release version
Del: callback parameter from EvLoop constructor/factories
Change: watcher createStopped methods made final
Change: watcher factory methods made final
0.1.1 Initial release
0.1.0 Initial release