Convert nested arrays into DOMDocument

The extension converts nested PHP arrays and objects into DOMDocument.
Some of projects use XSLT as a templating engine. To build XML for such engines,
we need a very fast and memory efficient way to convert PHP nested arrays and
objects into DOMDocument object. Also, produced XML should be straight-forward
and as simple as it could be (BTW XMLRPC, SOAP and other XML-based formats are quite
sloppy in this case). So dom_varimport has been introduced: it produces DOMDocument
from a nested array near 20 times faster than a hand-made code in native PHP
(1 MB XML with thousands of nodes could be generated in 1-2 ms).

License: PHP

This package is not maintained, if you would like to take over please go to this page.

Latest releases

Version Release Download
1.11.3 2015-08-05 dom_varimport-1.11.3.tgz
1.11.2 2015-08-04 dom_varimport-1.11.2.tgz
1.11.1 2015-08-04 dom_varimport-1.11.1.tgz
1.11.0 2015-08-04 dom_varimport-1.11.0.tgz
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Version Message
1.11.3 ** Minor
* Typos in config.m4, fix test files role [remicollet]
* Relax a little test 003 - may help with tests "false-negatives" [remicollet]
* Update README, link to TravisCI integration
1.11.2 ** Bug
* @attribute: rare bug with numeric keys processing, more errors checks and tests
1.11.1 ** Typo
* Remove an outdated test (expired after the version is migrated from README to package.xml)
1.11.0 ** New Feature
* Special key @attributes to set predefined attributes, ability to populate DOMElement [Dimasik]
* Support for different types in @attributes array [Dimasik]
* Tests for special attribute and DOMElement [Dimasik]
* Enable Win32 build (ZTS support)
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