couchbase 4.1.6

Couchbase Server PHP extension

The PHP client library provides fast access to documents stored in a Couchbase Server.

License: Apache V2


* PCBC-956: Update wrapper side bucket settings (#132)
* PCBC-950: Support bucket settings for no dedup feature (#131)
* Updates to support PHP 8.3. `zend_bool` was removed from 8.3.

Notable changes in core C++
* CXXCBC-376: Revisit what 'create' and 'update' bucket operations send to the server. Make optional bucket
settings fields optional, and do not send anything unless the settings explicitly specified. (#451)
* CXXCBC-359: Reduce default HTTP idle timeout to 1 second (#448)
* CXXCBC-367, CXXCBC-370: Add history retention settings to buckets/collection management. (#446)
* CXXCBC-119: Return booleans for subdocument 'exists' operation instead of error code. (#444, #452)
* Detect 'collection_not_found' error in 'update_collection' response (#450)