Couchbase Server PHP extension

The PHP client library provides fast access to documents stored in a Couchbase Server.

License: Apache V2

Latest releases

Version Release Download
4.0.0 2022-05-11 couchbase-4.0.0.tgz
3.2.2 2021-12-08 couchbase-3.2.2.tgz
3.2.1 2021-10-14 couchbase-3.2.1.tgz
3.2.0 2021-07-27 couchbase-3.2.0.tgz
3.1.2 2021-05-13 couchbase-3.1.2.tgz
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Version Message
4.0.0 * Migrate core to C++ SDK
* Update query index management API to accept collections
* PCBC-836: implemented Transactions API
3.2.2 PCBC-796: add storage backend option for bucket manager
PCBC-788: handle rate/quota limit error codes
PCBC-799: implement {get,upsert,remove}Multi
Update jsonSerialize methods to stop deprecations errors in php 8.1
3.2.1 PCBC-770: Fixed memory leak while decoding subdoc JSON.
PCBC-782: Updated minimal requirement for libcouchbase to 3.2.2.
Other memory fixes and improvements.
3.2.0 PCBC-750: Deprecate `getScope` in collections manager.
PCBC-725: Add support for collections to Full Text Search.
PCBC-764: Serialize `BooleanSearchQuery->mustNot` to `"must_not"`.
PCBC-709: Add scope level analytics queries.
PCBC-732: Expose partition information for query indexes.
PCBC-733: Add analytics index manager.
PCBC-769: Do not allow using CAS with counter operations, which are always atomic.
PCBC-767: Fix URL for collection create method.
PCBC-738: Add `preserveExpiry` support for mutations (`replace`, `upsert` and `mutateIn`).
PCBC-700: Manage remote links for analytics service.
PCBC-706: Provide tracing interface.
PCBC-743: Provide metrics interface.
3.1.2 PCBC-761: fix return interface for expiryTime methods.
PCBC-760: expose error messages in query exceptions.
PCBC-759: take into account 'decoder.json_arrays' INI setting when decoding Query rows.
PCBC-758: raise exception if invalid CAS passed to unlock.
PCBC-729: update URLs for Collections management API.
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