couchbase 3.0.5

Couchbase Server PHP extension

The PHP client library provides fast access to documents stored in a Couchbase Server.

License: Apache V2


* PCBC-699: Add support for minimal durability settings for bucket manager
* PCBC-718: Deprecate expiry() on GetResult and LookupInResult. expiry() is deprecated in favour to expiryTime()
which returns DateTimeInterface
* PCBC-715: refactor document expiry duration
- allow to specify DateTimeInterface objects as expiry value in mutation options
- when expiration is set as long in seconds, treat the value as relative if it is less than 50 years in
seconds. In this case take current time and add to the expiration value
* PCBC-733: Add missing fields for SearchFacet results
* PCBC-720: allow to disable FTS scoring
* Support PHP 8. Drop support for PHP older than 7.2