zookeeper 0.2.3

PHP extension for interfacing with Apache ZooKeeper

This extension provides API for communicating with ZooKeeper service.

License: PHP


- Fix 'Node with null data cause php segfault at Zookeeper::get($path)' (AZ Issue #21)
- Fix 'Stat is null when get a node which holds null data' (AZ Issue #29)
- Fix 'Wrong type conversion in function call' (Thanks to Dmitry Faleychik, AZ PR #42)
- Fix AZ PR #44 (Thanks to jeff.tang)
- Fix AZ Issue #27 (--with-libdir not honoured, Thanks to Remi Collet)
- Return null after zoo_exists returning 0-length directly (AZ PR #45)

- Respect null's when passed as values during set(), create(), and get() (Thanks to Ryan Uber, AZ PR #22)
- Make extension compatible with Zookeeper 3.5.0alpha (Thanks to Ryan Uber, AZ PR #28 N #48)
- Display ini entries in `phpinfo()`