ZeroMQ messaging

ZeroMQ is a software library that lets you quickly design and implement a fast message-based applications.

License: BSD License

This package is not maintained, if you would like to take over please go to this page.

Latest releases

Version Release Download
1.1.3 2016-02-01 zmq-1.1.3.tgz
1.1.2 2013-11-25 zmq-1.1.2.tgz
1.1.1 2013-11-02 zmq-1.1.1.tgz
1.1.0 2013-11-02 zmq-1.1.0.tgz
1.0.9 2013-10-25 zmq-1.0.9.tgz
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Version Message
1.1.3 - Introduces PHP7 support. PHP5 compilation should work but receives no updates.
- Added new methods:
* ZMQSocket::monitor (and related ZMQSocket::recvEvent)
* ZMQ::z85Encode/Decode
* ZMQ::has
- Socket options are now restricted to their valid socket types
- Usage pthreads extension is now better supported and tested
1.1.2 - Fixes a bug where device callback was invoked too early
1.1.1 - Missing zmq_clock.c from the archive
1.1.0 - Device related fixes and improvements:
* Added setTimerCallback to set a timer function
* Added getIdleTimeout/getTimerTimeout
1.0.9 - Windows build related fixes
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