yaf: Changelog

Version Message
3.3.5 - Fixed ISSUE #566 (bootstrap method named "_init" is not be called)
- Fixed ISSUE #569 (Yaf_Application::getInstance is not static)
- Fixed ISSUE #570 (call_args parsing error in static_route)
- Fixed ISSUE #571 (Yaf_Request::setController failed if format arg is false)
3.3.4 - Fixed build with PHP8.1
- change to using stub.php generated arginfos
3.3.3 - Fixed issue #546 (Segfault due to get_gc handler changed)
- Use interned strings
- Fixed Issue #545 segfault in yaf_route_simple::construct
- Optimized Yaf_Route_Map::route
3.3.2 - Fixed Memory leak in yaf_loader
- Fixed issue #537 (segfault in macos with 4 bytes length controller name)
- Fixed issue #536 (application.bootstrap not used)
3.3.1 - Fixed Issue #535 (segfault due to double free on platform without alloca)
- Fixed issue #530 (segfault while exiting in action)
3.3.0 - PHP8 Supported
- Fixed issue #508 (Route::addConfig take action as module wrongly)
- Fixed issue #509 (getViewpath return NULL)
- Fixed issue #513 (supports of custom camel MVC name)
- Fixed issue #518 (setRediect not working)
3.2.5 - Fixed issue #492 (init method could be protected)
- Fixed issue #492 (plugins maybe changed in controller execution)
- Fixed issue #492 (empty names shoud not be set to request)
- Fixed cow_violation conflicts
3.2.4 - Fixed issue #489 (global library is not used if namespace is not set)
- Fixed issue #490 (segfault with repeated call arguments)
3.2.3 - Fixed issue #482 (segfault if plugin doesn't defines all hooks)
- Fixed issue #481 (application.system.yaf.directory has no effect)
3.2.2 - Added Yaf_Dispatcher::setResponse
- Removed FINAL flags of Yaf_Request_*, Yaf_Response_*
- Fixed bug that ErrorController doesn't respect returnResponse
3.2.1 - Fixed Namespace resgister unexpected overridden
- Fixed yaf_slip_equal fails on 4-bytes string
- Added Yaf_Dispatcher::getResponse()
3.2.0 - Refactor core data structs for performance, 20% speed up according to demo created by tool/cg/yaf_cg
- Implemented PSR-4 autoloading, user now can specific a path for a namespace by Yaf_Loader::registerNamespace(name, path)
- Added Yaf_Loader::registerNamespace(), Yaf_Loader::getNamespaces(), Yaf_Loader::getNamespacePath()
- Added Yaf_Request::clearParams()
- Added Yaf_Controller::getName(), Yaf_Action::getControllerName()
- Added Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultModule(), Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultController() and Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultAction()
- Added Yaf_Application::getInstance(), which is alias of Yaf_Application:app()
- Added optional $format_name argument to Yaf_Request::setModule/Controller/actionName
if it set to false, Yaf will set original input as name,
default it true, which means Yaf will format the name(camel/lowercase) before set it to Request
- Yaf_Controller::__construct now accpet no parameters, it now requires Yaf_Application is initialized.
- Rmoved all lead underline for fake protected property name(examing by var_dump)
- Fixed bug that protected method of Bootstrap get executed
- Yaf_View_Simple is final class now, custom view engin should implements Yaf_View_Interface
- Yaf_Route_* now routes valid Module/Controller/action name directly
- Yaf_Controller action's arguments will be set even if there are gaps now (see test/issue420.phpt)
3.1.4 - Fixed issue #469 (treat autocontroller as Controller mistakenly)
- Fixed issue #468 (abort if same key assigned to view)
- minor optimization to avoding memory allocations
3.1.3 - Fixed issue #466 (segfault if getRequest without name)
- Fixed bug (unexpected path too long error)
- Fixed valgrind warning about access to uninitilized value while memcmp
3.1.2 - Fixed bug (Yaf detecting base_uri failed)
3.1.1 - Fixed memrchr missed in windows
3.1.0 - Refactor Yaf_Loader for performance
- Refactor lots of codes to avoiding memory allocation
- Yaf_Loader::getNameSpaces() now return array instead of comma separated string
- Yaf_Route_Rewrite now process multiple repeated bach slashes as one
- Removed --enable-yaf-debug, now yaf allows user to moditify variables in $_POST etc
- Fixed bug while stripping base_uri
3.0.9 - Fixed build with PHP-7.4
3.0.8 - Fixed build with PHP-7.3
3.0.7 - Fixed issue #389 (segfault in debug mode while running with phpunit)
3.0.6 - PHP-7.2 Support
- Fixed assertion faile (potential unexpected write to immutable array)
3.0.5 - PHP-7.2 Support
- Fixed issue #360 (class not found in high traffice server)
3.0.4 - Fixed bug wrong variables scope in tpl
- Minor optimizations
3.0.3 - Fixed issue #273 (segfault if stdclass passed to dispatch)
- PHP-7.1 compatible fixes
3.0.2 - Fixed issue #231 (php-fpm worker core dump BUG)
- Attempt to fix issue #226 (Segfault on windows7 64bits)
- Fixed issue #232 (segfault with Yaf_Route_Simple)
3.0.1 - Fixed auto_render bug
- Fixed issue #220 (segfault on read_property)
- Fixed bug of baseuri setting
- Fixed issue #163 (forward from init controller)
- Fixed Bug #70913 (Segfault while new Yaf_Controller)
3.0.0 - Release Yaf for PHP7
2.3.5 - Fixed bug (redirect doesn't work)
2.3.4 - Fixed ISSUE #134
- Fixed ISSUE #181
- Fixed invalid read(segfault) with php-5.4
- Fixed bug (Exception in preDispatch is not caught)
2.3.3 - Fixed build with PHP-5.6
2.3.2 - Fixed windows build
- Changelog 2.3.0:
- Added Yaf_Response::setHeader, getHeahder, setAllHeader, clearHeaders Methods
- Added Yaf_Route::assemble. (Now you can assemble url via routes)
- Fixed Segfault if a empty application.directory is set
2.3.1 - Fix package
2.2.9 - Fixed bug #63900 (Segfault if separated action executes failed)
- Fixed some compiler warnings (Remi)
2.2.8 - Fixed bug that partial module name taken
2.2.7 - Improve the templates directory handling
- Fixed bug #63438 (Strange behavior with nested rendering)
2.2.6 - Fixed bug #63381 ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] changed by yaf)
2.2.5 - Release stable version
- Fixed bug empty template file interrupts forwarding chain
- Add LICENSE file according to FR #63239
2.2.4 - Improving warning info while failed opening template script
- Fixed bug that $this is not Yaf_View_Simple in render method which was introduced in 2.2.3
- Fixed memleak in Yaf_View_Simple::display()
2.2.3 - Call autoRender, flushInstantly, returnResponse of Yaf_Dispatcher without args return current state now (Demon)
- Fixed bug that Yaf_Application::environ is undefined on windows
- Improve warning message while script can not be loaded
2.2.2 - Yaf_Controller's methods are not final anymore
- Yaf_View_Simple is not final anymore
- Memleaks fixed in various place
2.2.1 - (Repackage, previous one missed one fix)
- Implemented Yaf_Response::setBody with key(which will make the layout easier to implement)
- New method Yaf_View_Simple::eval, Yaf_View_Simple::clear
- Support short open tag in view templates regardless of php.short_open_tag
- Make Yaf_Autoload faster(30%)
- Controller of default module can be autoloaded now
- Single class can be local class now (previous is a design issue)
- Performance improve in various place
- Compatible with php5.5, which droped PHP logo guid
- Fixed bug that Supervar should not respect the base_uri
- Implemented FR #62702 (Make baseuri case-insensitive)
- Implemented FR #62638 (Supports set yaf runtime configuration via application.ini)
2.1.18 - Fixed bug that Yaf_View_Simple::eval doesn't accept short open tag
- Fixed bug that Yaf_View_Simple::eval doesn't allow tpl be wrapped by PHP opening tag
2.1.17 - Fixed bug config will not re-loaded even it was modified
- Fixed bug segfault occurred if uncaught exception in Yaf_Controller::init
- If action return false, dispatch loop will go on with no auto-renderring
- Remove inline declarations (-fgnu-c89 on MacOS)
2.1.16 - Fixed bug that if fatal error occurred in template, Yaf_View_Simple doesn't output the error message
- Fixed bug that segv in Yaf_View_Simple::render if the tpl directory parameter is not a string
- Fixed one invalid read in Yaf_Route_Static
- Fixed bug that segv occurred while using a custom view engine
- Fixed one memleak
2.1.15 - Fixed typo variable name in static route(affect 2.1.14)
2.1.14 - Fixed Bug that if no routes success router will throw exception(since 2.1.13 Yaf supports configure default route by application.ini)
- Fixed Bug that 'foo/index' router result as c => index a => foo(affected 2.1.13)
2.1.13 - Added Yaf_View_Simple::eval
- Supported short_open_tag in Yaf_View_Simple
- Fixed a potential segfault while alternately access two yaf application host in one machine
- Improve the Yaf_Route_Static/Supervar::route logic
- Fixed bug that 404 occurred if the request is prefix with more than one slash
- Fixed bug that free NULL pointer in Yaf_Loader::registerLocalNameSpace
2.1.12 - Fixed bug that baseUri set to wrong value (affected version: 2.1.10, 2.1.11)
- Fixed bug Yaf_View_Simple crash while calling assign if construct it with no tpl_dir
- Fixed bug that Yaf_View_Simple::display doesn't convert controller name
2.1.11 - Improve Yaf_Config parsing performance, if the wanted section was parsed, then overpass the rest sections
- Now catchException will failover to the default moudle error handler
- Added Yaf_View_Simple::clear
- Support set default route by config(appliation.dispatcher.defaultRoute)
- Support adding Yaf_Route_Map by config
- Allow Yaf_View_Simple::get(void)
- Fixed Bug that Yaf_Config_Ini will take part of the section
- Fixed bug that yaf_config_ini_deep_copy is not much deepy.
- Fixed bug Yaf_Route_Simple dont respect application.modules configure
- Fixed some memory leaks
2.1.10 - Improved Yaf_Config_Ini::__Construct performance, and reduce memory consumption
- Fixed bug #61493 (Can't remove item when using unset() with a Yaf_Config_Simple instance)
- Support controller autoloading(Only default module)
- Fixed bug that the controller name could be lowercase in routeShutdown hook
- Fixed bug that segfault while attempt to free owrite_handler
- Added Yaf_Controller::$yafAutoRender to controller render
- Fixed some memory leaks
2.1.9 - Fixed Bug that Yaf_Response::setBody cause invalid read
2.1.8 - Fixed bug Yaf_Response::setBody act the same as Yaf_Response::prependBody
2.1.7 - Release 2.1.7 stable
2.1.6 - Fix Bug that classname with namespace can not be auto loaded
2.1.5 Fix Bug #60608
2.1.4 - Improve the Yaf_Loader::getInstance, make the Yaf_Loader can be used independently
- Implemented Yaf_View::assignRef, which didn't work as expect before.
2.1.3 -Fixed Bug that Yaf still call to Yaf_View_Simple although a custom view engine was setted
2.1.2 -Added Yaf_Application::getLastErrorNo
-Added Yaf_Application::getLastErrorMsg
-Added Yaf_Application::clearLastError
-Changed trigger ERROR to E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR, then people can use set_error_handler to catch it
2.1.1 -Fixed Yaf_View_Simple::render flush output instantly in PHP5.4
-Fixed Yaf_Session crash in PHP5.4
2.1.0 - Avoided calling to get_class_entry for higher performance
- Remove unnecessary stack variable initialization
- Fixed mem leak reproted by test scripts
- Added arginfo for all methods
- Standardize error message
- Add Yaf_Request::setRequstUri
- Fixed build broken with PHP 5.4
- many other litte improvements
2.0.1 - Fixed Bug that when call to Yaf_Config_Ini/Yaf_Config_Simple with freaky paramters then invoke its methods cause crash (thanks to Felipe Pena)
- Yaf_Application::execute call Zend_API call_user_func instead of call zif_call_user_func, since zif_call_user_func was not declared with dllexport
- Built on windows with PHP-5.3.6 and PHP-5.2.15 (you can download the dll on Yaf Google Code)
- Corrected some broken C89 statements
2.0.0 - First release version