vld 0.10.1

Provides functionality to dump the internal representation of PHP scripts

The Vulcan Logic Disassembler hooks into the Zend Engine and
dumps all the opcodes (execution units) of a script.

License: BSD style


- SEND_VAR_NO_REF needs to use extended value (Patch by Graham K.)
- Fix build with 5.3 and trunk.
- Added Zoƫ's patch for CVS style formatting.
- Added the closures opcode
- Added a path finding algorithm.
- Added an option (vld.dump_paths) that dumps branch and paths when turned on.
- Added two options (vld.save_dir and vld.save_paths) that allows you to
dump path information has a graphviz .dot file.
- TSRM fixes (by Wojciech Meler ).