Transliterates non-latin character sets to latin

This extension allows you to transliterate text in non-latin characters (such
as Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek etc) to latin characters. Besides the
transliteration the extension also contains filters to upper- and lowercase
latin, cyrillic and greek, and perform special forms of transliteration such
as converting ligatures such as the Norwegian "æ" to "ae" and normalizing
punctuation and spacing.

License: BSD style

Latest releases

Version Release Download
0.7.1 2020-10-01 translit-0.7.1.tgz
0.7.0 2020-02-24 translit-0.7.0.tgz
0.6.3 2019-05-29 translit-0.6.3.tgz
0.6.2 2015-11-28 translit-0.6.2.tgz
0.6.1 2011-06-15 translit-0.6.1.tgz
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Version Message
0.7.1 - Added support for PHP 8.0 (Remi Collet)
0.7.0 - Fixed compilation on some PHP 7.4 builds (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Fixed buffer overflows (Antony Dovgal)
0.6.3 Repackage, and drop PHP < 5.6 support.
0.6.2 PHP 7 support
0.6.1 - Release to make it compile against PHP 5.4 and trunk (due to the function_entry->zend_function_entry change).
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