trader: Changelog

Version Message
0.5.1 - Fixed PHP 8.0 support
0.5.0 - Added fast ZPP support for builds with PHP 7
0.4.1 - trader_ht_phasor and trader_ht_sine expect one argument, fixes bugs #72882, #72967
0.4.0 - PHP7 compatibility
- Optimized output data allocation
- Fixed bug #62832 PHP_FE_END undefined on PHP lower than 5.3.10
0.3.0 - fixed bugs #62720, #62612 large numbers causing rounding errors
- added ini trader.real_round_mode, valid values are HALF_UP, HALF_DOWN, HALF_EVEN, HALF_ODD
- implemented trader_errno() to get the last TA-Lib error code

Special thanks to Michael for helping to chase the bugs down, trader is marked stable now.
0.2.2 - better check for bounded incoming argument values
- added Windows compatibility, check for Windows versions under (thanks tomkrawc)
- fixed pecl package build on Mac OS X
- fixed element number in out arrays
- implemented TA-Lib utility functions to set compatibility mode and unstable period
0.2.1 - Fixed type hints and related runtime errors
- Added MA type checks
- Addded integer min and max constants
- Added more tests
0.2 Initial TA-Lib wrapper implementation