teds 1.2.1

Provides extra data structures and iterable/array functionality.

teds (Tentative Extra Data Structures) is a collection of data structures and iterable functionality

License: BSD-3-Clause


* Update documentation
* Make iteration of Teds\StrictSortedVectorSet and Teds\StrictSortedVectorMap account for removals and additions.
* Make removal in Teds\StrictTreeSet and Teds\StrictTreeMap move iterators to the previous node if the iterator pointed to the removed node.
Add a state for iterators being prior to the start of the tree.
Use the state of being before the first value of the tree when calling InternalIterator::rewind on an empty tree or removing an iterator pointing to the first value in a tree.
* Make repacking/removals in Teds\StrictHashSet and Teds\StrictHashMap move InternalIterator positions.
* Change iteration behavior of Teds\Deque to be like Vector, make shift/pop behave the same way as offsetUnset with respect to iteration.
(If the iterator is moved to be before the start of the deque, calling next will move it to the front, and other changes to the Deque will have no effect)