teds 1.0.0

Provides extra data structures and iterable/array functionality.

teds (Tentative Extra Data Structures) is a collection of data structures and iterable functionality

License: BSD-3-Clause


* BREAKING CHANGES: Fix incorrect serialization/unserialization result of LowMemoryVector for boolean/null. Incompatible with older releases.
* BUGFIX: Fix converting LowMemoryVector of floats to an array (they were unintentionally converted to integers).
* BREAKING CHANGES: Rename datastructures and interfaces for consistency. Change definitions of interfaces/remove interfaces.
Rename Teds\ImmutableKeyValueSequence to Teds\ImmutableIterable and add an alias for the old name. Aliases will be removed in a future release.
Rename Teds\KeyValueSequence to Teds\MutableIterable and add an alias.
Rename Teds\SortedStrictMap to Teds\StrictTreeMap and add an alias.
Rename Teds\StrictMap to Teds\StrictHashMap and add an alias.
Rename Teds\SortedStrictSet to Teds\StrictTreeSet and add an alias.
Rename Teds\StrictSet to Teds\StrictHashSet and add an alias.
Rename Teds\StableMinHeap to Teds\StrictMinHeap and add an alias.
Rename Teds\StableMaxHeap to Teds\StrictMaxHeap and add an alias.
Change the definition of Teds\Collection to be just a Collection of **values**. Make Teds\Values an alias of Teds\Collection.
Add the interfaces `Teds\Sequence`, `Teds\Map`, `Teds\Set`.