Named and unnamed synchronization objects

The 'sync' extension introduces synchronization objects into PHP. Named and unnamed Mutex, Semaphore, Event, Reader-Writer, and named Shared Memory objects provide OS-level synchronization mechanisms on both *NIX (POSIX shared memory and pthread shared memory synchronization required) and Windows platforms. This extension is a direct port of and compatible with the cross platform 'sync' library:

License: MIT License

Latest releases

Version Release Download
1.1.2 2021-04-09 sync-1.1.2.tgz
1.1.1 2017-02-20 sync-1.1.1.tgz
1.1.0 2016-11-27 sync-1.1.0.tgz
1.0.1 2014-07-25 sync-1.0.1.tgz
1.0.0 2014-07-05 sync-1.0.0.tgz
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Version Message
1.1.2 - Fixed missing macros for PHP 8 (thanks Remi).
1.1.1 - Fixed *NIX event object sync_WaitForUnixEvent() issues.
1.1.0 - Added cross-platform named shared memory objects.
- Rewrote *NIX objects to be much lighter on shared resources.
- Fixed null name issue.
- Fixed object memory leak issue.
- Now works on Mac OSX.
- Now works on PHP 7. The same code base also works on PHP 5.
1.0.1 - Fixed Reader-Writer objects.
- Removed a lead from package maintainers list.
1.0.0 - Initial release.
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