swoole 4.8.3

Coroutine-based concurrency library for PHP

Coroutine-based concurrency library for PHP
- event-driven
- coroutines
- asynchronous non-blocking
- built-in tcp/http/websocket/http2 server
- coroutine tcp/http/websocket client
- coroutine mysql client
- coroutine redis client
- coroutine read/write file system
- coroutine dns lookup
- automatically replace blocking functions to non-blocking
- support IPv4/IPv6/UnixSocket/TCP/UDP
- support SSL/TLS encrypted transmission

License: Apache2.0


- Fixed compatibility of curl native hook with PHP-8.1
- Fixed compatibility of sockets hook with PHP-8
- Fixed the return value error of sockets hook function
- Added Coroutine\Socket::isClosed()
- Fixed Http2Server sendfile cannot set content-type
- Optimize performance of HttpServer date header