svn 1.0.3

PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system.

Bindings for the Subversion revision control system, providing a method for manipulating
a working copy or repository with PHP.

License: PHP License


Minor bug fix / feature release

Compiles with libsvn 1.9

#71025 - support for subversion 1.9 by pterjan at google dot com

------ - The new optional parameter "depth" has been added to svn_checkout(). along with new constancts SVN_DEPTH_* - by Chung, Hyung-Hwan

------ - Add missing constant SVN_IGNORE_EXTERNALS
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add support for svn_propset and svn_prop_delete
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add svn_revprop_(get|set|delete)
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add svn_fs_txn_prop and svn_fs_open_txn, fix segfault in svn_fs_revision_prop
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - Fixes to svn_cat / svn_fs_apply_text - solves memory leak
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - Added check for possible NULL message