svn 1.0.2

PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system.

Bindings for the Subversion revision control system, providing a method for manipulating
a working copy or repository with PHP.

License: PHP License


Minor bug fix / feature release

#60583 - compile failing due to missing definition of svn_version_t in newer releases of libsvn
#59976 (svn build fails on PHP5.4)
#15505 - warning on errors
------ support for peg revisions in checkout, ls, log, blame, info, proplist, propget
extra error checks in checkout - thanks to Hyung-Hwan Chung
#22758 - support specifying revision in svn_copy (he dot chen at zte dot com dot cn)
#23649 - allow deletion of properties by using NULL as value (patch by Jonas Zeiger)
#22754 - add support for svn_delete
#22100 - segfault on shutdown when using multiple repositories - patch by jimmy at velsoft