svn 0.4

PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system.

Bindings for the Subversion revision control system, providing a method for manipulating
a working copy or repository with PHP.

License: PHP License


- Fix bug #13414 - Crash when SVN environment fails to initialise.
- Fix bug #13677,#13162 - Several functions fail to canonicalized resulting in an abort() call.
- Revert change that prevented libsvn 1.3 from being used.
- Add check during configure for minimum libsvn version.
- Add support for svn_delete(), svn_mkdir(), svn_move(), svn_proplist() and svn_propget().
- Allow svn_commit() to take a string instead of an array for paths.
- Revert backwards compatible break with svn_log()