sundown 0.2.0

Sundown is a fast, robust Markdown parsing library for PHP5

Sundown is a fast, robust Markdown parsing library, originally created
by Natacha Porté and improved Vicent Marti.
this extension inspired Redcarpet ruby extension which created by Vicent.

PECL Sundown provides straight forward object oriented Markdown API and customizable Renders.

License: PHP

This package is not maintained, if you would like to take over please go to this page.


* checks extensions and render flags value.

0.1.0b release only checks specified key exist. Now, it also checks their value.

* added useful methods.

array Sundown\Render\Base::getRenderFlags()
void Sundown\Render\Base::setRenderFlags(array $render_flags)

array Sundown\Markdown::getExtensions()
void Sundown\Markdown::setExtensions(array $extensions)
Sundown\Render\Base Sundown\Markdown::getRender()

* update bundled Sundown library

* Fix segfault on empty link refs
* Escape html inside table of contents.
* hanging whitespace breaks tables