ssdeep: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.0 * Patch for PHP 7 support (remicollet)
* Add basic Windows support (weltling)
1.0.4 This is a build maintenance release only so there is no need to upgrade.

- Make use of --with-libdir so installers can override the lib default (RHEL uses lib64 for example)
- Clean up the build script to standardise the code constructs used
- Add LICENSE, README and CREDITS to PECL package configuration
1.0.3 Bug #60347 OSX can't build as .so hardcoded
1.0.2 Patch bug in library availablity code when building with ssdeep path specified (--with-ssdeep=/tmp/ssdeep-2.6 for example) to the upstream packages build directory.
1.0.1 Add in better library availability checking script and remove extraneous docs, which are now available at
1.0.0 Initial PECL compatible release.