sqlite3: Changelog

Version Message
0.6 - Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.5.9
- Implicitly free resource statements on SQLite3d destruction rather than throw an error
- Added arginfo data for all methods for reflection
- Added SQLite3::querySingle() which can either return the first column or an entire row
0.5 - Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.5.7
- Added SQLite3::lastErrorCode and SQLite3::lastErrorMsg
- Added SQLite3_result::columnType to get type of a column in a result set
- Added flags to SQLite3::open to allow databases to be opened read only. (PHP 5.3+ for now)
- Fixed incorrect column count being returned on a non executed statement
- Fixed lack of library when using the shared sqlite3
0.4 - Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.5.6
- Added Fulltext Searching by default
- Fixed crash when a prepared statement failed
- Fixed overflow with 64bit numbers
- Fixed building with thread safety enabled
0.3 - Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.5.4
- Added
. SQLITE3_NUM, SQLITE3_NUM and SQLITE3_BOTH constants for fetch_array
. Added columnName method
. Added encryption support if the library supports it
. Added stream support for blob datatype
- Changed
. numColumn to numColumns for consistency
. Cast values to prepared statements prior to execution
- Removed
. Unused case from SQLite authorizer
. sqlite3.enable_extensions INI option in favour of sqlite3.extension_dir
- Performance
. Check if a return value is used before allocating zvals
. Fix memory leaks in non prepared statements
- Building
. Check for SQLite 3.3.9+ in external versions
. Build debug version of libsqlite when using debug build of PHP
- Added unit tests
- Fixed PHP 5.3 support