spread: Changelog

Version Message
2.1.0 - Added optional parameter to connect() allowing receipt of
join/leave messages
- service_type property added to received messages
- membership data added to membership based messages
- Spread::leave() method implemented
- Add private group information (patch by Benjamin Schulz)
- Spread::receive returns null on timeout
2.0.2 - fix zts build (patch from Alexey Zakhlestin)
-fix config scrip
- fix bug #13965 (spread_receive() should be able to wait forever).
(patch from Alexey Zakhlestin)
- 64 bit fixes
- prevent potential overflow calling multicast
- fix name collision with curl. (patch by Alexey Zakhlestin)
2.0.1 - fix misplaced parenthesis (patch by Kevin Murphy)
- fix mem corruption calling receive multiple time
2.0.0 - change API and method signatures
- remove unimplemented functions/functionality
- re-work much of the internal code
- fix various segfaults and other memory issues