smbclient: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.1 Workaround for regression in libsmbclient 4.16.9 and 4.17.5.
1.1.0 PHP 8 readiness, by Remi.
1.0.7 xattr fix by Remi.
1.0.6 ftruncate implemented on smb_streams by Remi.
1.0.5 Fixes possible segfault in php_smb_ops_close.
1.0.4 Check if smbc_setOptionProtocols is available, as at least one distro might have a libsmbclient that is too old.
1.0.3 Add client min/max protocol to streams, and make either min/max optional.
1.0.2 --- Introduces smbclient_client_protocols() to set min and max protocol for negotiation.
1.0.1 -- Code fixes for PHP 7.4/8, and memory free, ReadTest added, Travis build updated, and smbclient_state_init documentation fixed.
1.0.0 - stream optimization: reuse previous connections (Remi)
0.9.0 - fix gh#47 Incorrect function definition for smbclient_read
- optimization: enable stream wrapper reusing connections
0.8.0 - Promoting to stable after almost 3 months with no commits needed.
0.8.0RC1 - initial PECL release
- add 'smb' streams support
- rename extension to smbclient
- PHP 7 compatibility