skywalking_agent 0.4.0

Apache SkyWalking PHP Agent.

The PHP Agent for Apache SkyWalking, which provides the native tracing abilities for PHP project.

License: Apache-2.0


## What's Changed
* Bump tokio from 1.24.1 to 1.24.2 by @dependabot in
* Bump to 0.4.0-dev by @heyanlong in
* Avoid potential panic for logger. by @jmjoy in
* Fix the curl plugin hook curl_setopt by mistake. by @jmjoy in
* Update documents. by @jmjoy in
* Upgrade dependencies and adapt the codes. by @jmjoy in
* Add sub components licenses in dist material. by @jmjoy in
* Bump to 0.4.0. by @jmjoy in

## New Contributors
* @dependabot made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**: