skywalking_agent 0.2.0

Apache SkyWalking PHP Agent.

The PHP Agent for Apache SkyWalking, which provides the native tracing abilities for PHP project.

License: Apache-2.0


## What's Changed
* Update PECL user by @heyanlong in
* Start up 0.2.0 by @heyanlong in
* Update compiling project document. by @jmjoy in
* Add PDO plugin, and switch unix datagram to stream. by @jmjoy in
* Update readme about creating issue. by @jmjoy in
* Fix package.xml role error by @heyanlong in
* Add swoole support. by @jmjoy in
* Add .fleet to .gitignore by @heyanlong in
* [Feature] Add Mysql Improved Extension by @heyanlong in
* Add predis plugin. by @jmjoy in
* Take care of PDO false and DSN tailing semicolons. by @phanalpha in
* Add container by @heyanlong in
* Save PDO exceptions. by @phanalpha in
* Update minimal supported PHP version to 7.2. by @jmjoy in
* Utilize UnixListener for the worker process to accept reports. by @phanalpha in
* Kill the worker on module shutdown. by @phanalpha in
* Add plugin for memcached. by @jmjoy in
* Upgrade rust mini version to 1.65. by @jmjoy in
* Add plugin for phpredis. by @jmjoy in
* Add missing request_id. by @jmjoy in
* Adapt virtual cache. by @jmjoy in
* Fix permission denied of unix socket. by @jmjoy in
* Bump to 0.2.0. by @jmjoy in

## New Contributors
* @phanalpha made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**: