SeasLog 2.2.0

An effective,fast,stable log extension for PHP.

An effective,fast,stable log extension for PHP.
- In the PHP project, for convenient record log.
- The default log directory and module configuration.
- Specify the log directory and get the current configuration.
- Analysis of early warning framework preliminary.
- Buffer debug efficient log buffer, convenient.
- With PSR-3 Logger interface.
- Error and exception automatic logging.
- Support appender with File,TCP,UDP.
- Send to Rsyslog(TCP/UDP) with RFC5424.
- Support RequestId differentiated requests.
- Support for log template customizations.
- Support trace performance automatic logging.

License: PHP3.01


- Support PHP8
- Support s390x and mips64 platform
- Fixed ulong conflicting
- Fixed test case dependence on INI setting (seaslog.default_template)
- Fixed memory leak on `get_code_filename_line`