sdl: Changelog

Version Message
2.7.0 - Fix SDL_GetKeyboardState (
2.6.0 - Add float rect and float point render functions (Manuel Baldassarri)
- Add config file for Windows (Zorobabel)
- Fix PECL build (Manuel Baldassarri)
- Rename width parameter in SDL_Rect constructor (Manuel Baldassarri)
2.5.0 - Add support for PHP8 (Manuel Baldassarri)
- Remove support for PHP7 (Manuel Baldassarri)
2.4.0 - Fix duplicate symbols (remicollet)
- Fix parameters passed by reference in rect module (kea)
- Port SDL_Palette and SDL_PixelFormat to PHP7 (kea)
- Fix surface props initialisation (kea)
- Fix surface and powerinfo params by ref (kea)
- Fix SDL_Rect inheritance issue (santiagolizardo)
- Add SQL_QueryTexture binding (kea)
2.3.0 - Fix out of bounds error (remicollet)
- Add basic joystick/gamepad support (santiagolizardo)
2.2.2 - Fix undefined symbol (sdl_window_to_zval)
- Tidy up GL context creation
2.2.0 - Add support for window events. (Benoit Viguier)
- Add support for the SDL_RenderCopyEx, SDL_RenderDrawLine and SDL_RenderDrawRect functions. (Benoit Viguier)
- Fix memory leak in the SDL_RenderCopy function. (Benoit Viguier)
2.1.0 - Code updated to support PHP7.
- Code that could be implemented in userland was removed from the extension.
- Unit tests improvements/changes.
0.9.3 - Small fix for a ZTS issue that made the extension unusable on most platforms. (@remi)
- Only bugfixes on this branch. Working on the much improved sdl2 extension, hopefully to be released this month.
0.9.2 Code improvements and bugfixes mostly authorship of
- Improved reflection (arg info).
- Minor efforts towards C89 compatibility.
- Deprecated PHP functions are not longer used.
- Report SDL headers/library version in phpinfo.
0.9.1 - Improved config.m4 files.
- Removed all the deprecated zend_get_parameters_ex calls.
- Suppressed the warnings on php_sdl_audio.h file.
0.9.0 Initial PECL release