redis 5.3.1

PHP extension for interfacing with Redis

This extension provides an API for communicating with Redis servers.

License: PHP


phpredis 5.3.1

This is a small bugfix release that fixes a couple of issues in 5.3.0.

You should upgrade if you're using persistent_id in session.save_path or
of if you're having trouble building 5.3.0 because the php_hash_bin2hex
symbol is missing.

You can find a detailed list of changes in and package.xml

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* Properly clean up on session start failure [066cff6a] (Michael Grunder)
* Treat NULL as a failure for redis_extract_auth_info [49428a2f, 14ac969d]
(Michael Grunder)
* Don't dereference a NULL zend_string or efree one [ff2e160f, 7fed06f2]
(Michael Grunder)
* Fix config.m4 messages and test for and include php_hash.h [83a1b7c5,
3c56289c, 08f202e7] (Remi Collet)
* Add openSUSE installation instructions [13a168f4] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Remove EOL Fedora installation instructions [b4779e6a] (Remi Collet)