rar 4.0.0

rar extension

PHP extension for reading RAR archives using bundled unRAR library.

License: PHP License


- Merge changes made to unrar up to version 5.5.6.
- Support PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1.
- Added functions RarEntry::getRedirType(), RarEntry::isRedirectToDirectory() and RarEntry::getRedirTarget(), as well as the following constants on RarEntry: FSREDIR_UNIXSYMLINK, FSREDIR_WINSYMLINK, FSREDIR_JUNCTION, FSREDIR_HARDLINK and FSREDIR_FILECOPY.
- Changed stat handler to return UTC time for creation, modification and access time (does not work reliably on Windows).
- Fix cloning of RarArchive being allowed.