rar 3.0.0

rar extension

PHP extension for reading RAR archives using bundled unRAR library.

License: PHP License


Changes in this version:
- Updated to unrar 4.0.7 (corresponds to WinRAR 4.0.0 stable).
- Support for PHP 5.4.
- Added url wrapper rar://.
- Added volume find callback to RarArchive::open/rar_open.
- Added support for stat, both static and to opened streams.
- Added rar_allow_broken_set/RarArchive::setAllowBroken and rar_broken_is/
RarArchive::isBroken, which control/query the behavior with archives with
missing volumes.
- Added option to RarEntry::extract() to allow from extraction of ACL (windows)
/owner (unix)/extended attributes (os/2).
- Added support for RAR archives that have several entries with the same name.
- Implemented count elements handler for RarArchive.
- Implemented dimensions handlers for RarArchive.
- Fixed packed sizes which were using high bits from unpacked sizes.
- Fixed PECL bug #20498 (RarEntry::extract not really accepting a password).
- Fixed PECL bug #18449 (Extraction of uncompressed and encrypted files fails).
- Many more tests.