rar 2.0.0b2

rar extension

PHP extension for reading RAR archives using bundled unRAR library.

License: PHP License


- Updated bundled UnRAR library to version 3.9.6.
- Added OOP interface for rar_* functions with the RarArchive class.
- Changed bundled UnRAR library to allow partial file extraction.
- Fixed bug in UnRAR library that could cause a read out of buffer bounds on some corrupted RAR files.
- Added a bunch of constants to RarEntry.
- Added RarEntry::__toString() and RarEntry::isDirectory methods.
- All RarEntry properties are now private. This doesn't change the API because those properties were never part of the contract.
- Supports streaming from RAR archives.
- Extensio now uses extended UnRAR library structures.
- rar_open gives more detailed error messages on failure.
- Fixed pecl bug #9470 (wrong CRC on multi-volume archives).
- Added rar_comment_get.
- Fixed by pecl bug #8821 (relative paths not working).
- Handles unicode filenames (uses UTF-8 external encoding).
- Fixed PECL bug #9649, resource is now destroyed regardless of the le->refcount.
- Fixed volumes opened with middle volumes showing files continued from previous volume with incorrect packed and unpacked sizes.
- Added arginfo.
- Added a bunch of tests.
- A lot of refactoring and compilation as C, not C++.