rar 2.0.0

rar extension

PHP extension for reading RAR archives using bundled unRAR library.

License: PHP License


Changes with respect to release 2.0.0RC1:
- Fixed infinite loop when opening RAR archive missing a volume (later report in bug #17177).
- Fixed bug #17025 (changed the name of method RarArchive::list into RarArchive::getEntries). If backwards compatibility with the release candidate is required, RarArchive::list can be reintroduced by defining RAR_ARCHIVE_LIST_ALIAS.
Incompatible changes with respect to release 1.0.0:
PHP Support:
- Support for PHP 4.3 dropped. PHP 5.2.x or 5.3.x is required.
API backwards incompatible changes:
- Handles unicode filenames (uses UTF-8 external encoding). The file names inside the RAR archives are always returned in UTF-8. This will probably break your scripts.
- Calling rar_close/RarArchive::close() invalidates RarEntry objects (actually, only extraction is forbidden, but don't rely on it).
For the other changes, see the changelog for version 2.0.0RC1.