protocolbuffers: Changelog

Version Message
0.2.6 Bumped up to 0.2.6
* fixed several compile warnings (thanks remi)

* (ExtensionRegistry) initialize class entry member when reallocating scheme.
0.2.5 Bumped up to 0.2.5.

[bug fix]
* (jsonSerialize) fix memory size problem on CentOS 64bit box.
0.2.4 Bumped up to 0.2.4

[bug fix]
* don't implement jsonSerialize twice.
0.2.3 Bumped up to 0.2.3

* supported jsonSerializable interface
* added ProtocolBuffersEnum::toArray() method

[bug fixes]
* #33 Message::append on a repeated field causes segfault, batch assigning it throws exception
* fixed refcounting problem
0.2.2 Bumped up to 0.2.2

* added IDE friendly stub file.
* added ProtocolBuffersEnum::getName($value) method.

[bug fixes]
* #31 fixes potential for segmentation fault when using camel case field name.
* #32 don't waste memory when retain parent message.
0.2.1 This is package.xml maintenance release only.
0.2.0 Initial Release