PKCS11: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.2 - Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.2
- Fix issue where not specifying the object type in openUri would fail
1.1.1 - Fixed random unexpected errors in Session::findObjects and Session::openUri
1.1 - Added Yubico vendor definitions
- Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.1
- Token and slot info is now trimmed
- Attributes are now returned in types consistant with the defined constants
- Added support to retrieve objects by URI from a Pkcs11\Session object
1.0 - Added support for C_WaitForSlotEvent
- Added support for C_Wrap/C_Unwrap in OASIS-like API
- New Pkcs11\Exception
- Normalized error throwing
- Fixed argument definition when expecting P11Object
- Fixed various memory issues
- Fixed OASIS mapping for C_Digest
0.1.1 - Added a lot of new test cases
- Refactored some Object related functions
0.1 Initial Release