pecl_http 1.7.0b1

Extended HTTP Support

This HTTP extension aims to provide a convenient and powerful
set of functionality for one of PHPs major applications.

It eases handling of HTTP urls, headers and messages, provides
means for negotiation of a client's preferred content type,
language and charset, as well as a convenient way to send any
arbitrary data with caching and resuming capabilities.

It provides powerful request functionality with support for
parallel requests.


License: BSD-2-Clause


* Implement Request #14408 (Add a customizable timeout for HttpRequestPool::socketSelect)
* Implement Request #15775 (recursive http_request_body_encode)
* Added request options:
- postredir: enforcing RFC conformig POST after redirect (libcurl >= 7.17.1)
- address_scope: RFC4007 zone_id (libcurl >= 7.19.0)
- ssl->issuercert: validate peer certificate issuer (libcurl >= 7.19.0)
- ssl->crlfile: require CRL check (libcurl >= 7.19.0 with openssl)
- ssl->certinfo: enable the certinfo gatherer (libcurl >= 7.19.1 with openssl)
* Added proxytype request option constants:
* Added request info members:
- redirect_url (libcurl >= 7.18.2)
- primary_ip (libcurl >= 7.19.0)
- appconnect_time (libcurl >= 7.19.0)
- certinfo (libcurl >= 7.19.1 with openssl)