pecl_http 1.4.0RC1

Extended HTTP Support

This HTTP extension aims to provide a convenient and powerful
set of functionality for one of PHPs major applications.

It eases handling of HTTP urls, headers and messages, provides
means for negotiation of a client's preferred content type,
language and charset, as well as a convenient way to send any
arbitrary data with caching and resuming capabilities.

It provides powerful request functionality with support for
parallel requests.


License: BSD-2-Clause


* Improved response performance
+ Added "ipresolve" request option
+ Added HTTP_IPRESOLVE_{ANY|V4|V6}, HttpRequest::IPRESOLVE_{ANY|V4|V6} constants
+ Added missing HTTP_SSL_VERSION_{ANY|TLSv1|SSLv2|SSLv3}, HttpRequest::SSL_VERSION_{ANY|TLSv1|SSLv2|SSLv3} constants
+ Added factory methods to HttpMessage, HttpQueryString, HttpRequest, HttpRequestDataShare, HttpDeflateStream, HttpInflateStream
* Fixed aborted PUT request when empty put data was set with HttpRequest::setPutData()
* Fixed crash when using non-associative arrays as request headers
* Fixed crash when serializing incomplete HttpMessage objects
* Fixed bug #9282: libcurl version error in configure (keith at iveys dot org)
* Fixed crash when retrieving the response message from an unserialized HttpRequest object
- Removed obsolete HTML function reference