pecl_http 0.24.0

Extended HTTP Support

This HTTP extension aims to provide a convenient and powerful
set of functionality for one of PHPs major applications.

It eases handling of HTTP urls, headers and messages, provides
means for negotiation of a client's preferred content type,
language and charset, as well as a convenient way to send any
arbitrary data with caching and resuming capabilities.

It provides powerful request functionality with support for
parallel requests.


License: BSD-2-Clause


+ Added If-Range header recognition.
+ Added "portrange" request option.
+ Added HttpQueryString::iconv().
+ HttpQueryString implements Serializable (PHP-5.1).

* Fixed bug #6804 - configure does not recognize '--without-http-zlib-compression'.
* Fixed cases where '412 Precondition failed' responses should be sent.
* Fixed message chain order in HttpRequest::getHistory().