SQLite v3 Interface driver for PDO

This extension provides an SQLite v3 driver for PDO.
SQLite V3 is NOT compatible with the bundled SQLite 2 in PHP 5, but is a significant
step forwards, featuring complete utf-8 support, native support for blobs,
native support for prepared statements with bound parameters and improved

License: PHP

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel https://www.php.net/pdo_sqlite


- Updated libsqlite in ext/pdo_sqlite to 3.2.8. (Ilia)
- Upgraded to new package2 format
- Fixed PECL Bug #5633; build issues
- Added sqliteCreateFunction() and sqliteCreateAggregate()
- Fixed PECL Bug #3452; problem when first row of a result set contains a NULL value.
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to 3.1.3
- setting PDO_ATTR_TIMEOUT controls the busy timeout
- Fixed PECL Bug #3391; cannot bind NULL parameters
- Fixed build problem when building the bundled sqlite library

Windows binary: