PDO_PGSQL: Changelog

Version Message
1.0.2 This PECL release corresponds to PHP 5.1.3.

- Fixed bug #36727 (segfault in pdo_pgsql bindValue() when no parameters are
defined). (Tony)
- Fixed bug #36382 (PDO/PgSQL's getColumnMeta() crashes). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #36176 (PDO_PGSQL - PDO::exec() does not return number of rows
affected by the operation). (Ilia)
- Fixed prepared statement name conflict handling in PDO_PGSQL. (Thies, Ilia)
- repackage with package2.xml
- Added PDO::pgsqlLOBCreate(), PDO::pgsqlLOBOpen() and PDO::pgsqlLOBUnlink().

You require PostgreSQL client libraries installed on the machine where you
intend to build and/or use this package.

If you are running on windows, you can download the binary from here: